6 Crucial College Dating Lessons

College Dating

College is viewed in a completely different way before and after you attend. While kids and teenagers envision a place where they can run wild and free, adults look back at it as a valuable experience where they learned the necessary lessons to prepare for life. The reality is somewhere in the middle.

At any college, you are going to come in contact with the mushy couples that hold hands and take the same classes and kiss each other before they are separated for their 50 minute lecture. You wonder, how can you possibly date in college with all of the other BS our mind is consumed with.

A huge dating pool, no midnight curfew, and some life experience under your belt make college dating an odd limbo between high school puppy love and real world relationships.

Learn your lessons on college dating before it’s too late – your Facebook official relationship status will thank you in the end.

Finding the One
Everyone has this vision of a perfect person, probably since you were little. You are not just out there looking for anyone, you are looking for your prince charming like you have seen in all the movies. Most kids have the perception that their ideal fantasy hookup or prince charming will happen. Here is where you really need to lower your expectations. College is where you are going to run into every type of douchebag there is. People in college- and real people are much different. Keep your expectations in check.

Breaks are Hard
So your boyfriend doesn’t answer your texts when your out until seven minutes after it was sent and your pissed. Well try being separated for seven weeks or even seven months. Breaks are tough, leaving the one you sleep with every night, but in the end they make your relationship that much stronger. If your graduating this topic is especially one that needs to be discussed. Discuss expectations and talk about how much you’re going to communicate. If each person doesn’t put in the same amount of effort, the relationship will eventually dwindle.

Getting someones number is scary. I mean what if they don’t want your number, or you don’t want their number. Awkward. Anyways, when you get someones number, you get excited, no matter how low key you act. Start of sexting slow and make sure to not send a picture of your boobs saying, “hey its Jess, we met last night.” Start with some flirty messages, and the next thing you know, you’re sending nudes and suggestive texts. If they respond, they must be into it. There is also the argument that sexting is awkward. Some say trying to replicate a sexual experience through text is a waste of time and it makes everyone uncomfortable. You never know until you try, right?

Remember the Girls
In college, your parents aren’t monitoring how much time you spend with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean I am sure your bae sleeps over every night and you are hardly separated through the day. Your friends don’t always want your significant other tagging along, so make sure you carve out friends-only time. Always remember this, if things go south with your relationship, your friends are the ones who you’ll still have. Don’t lose them by always ditching them for date nights.

You know those party couples who drink together only on nights that end in Y? Yeah, those are the ones who come home from the bars earlier because they got in a fight that was caused because of alcohol consumption. Don’t let your relationship turn into that, unless you love constant drama. Alcohol can make insincere feelings seem real, and real problems seem insignificant.

The First Date
Dating is so exciting. Each date in an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. In reality, dating in college is not easy, financially. It will kill your wallet. After a movie and dinner your tab has already reached $50 dollars. Everything costs money these days, and popular date ideas are even more expensive.  Ready to get started dating casually?  Head over to justbang.com to find a hot date tonight!